Russia diary part 2 – #mbfwRussia

If you missed the first part of this adventure, you can view it here!


One of the most memorable part of my Moscow trip is having the breakfast beneath the ornate stained-glass roof of the hotel’s lavish Great Hall. They even have a live harp performance played during the breakfast – so very Susu indeed.


At a glance of the second day schedule, I knew I would be having a very long but exciting day; packed with a guided tour, followed by a private presentation and a marathon of shows by promising designers like Alena Akhmadulina, Laroom, Viva Vox and Yulia Prokhorova.


Selecting what to illustrate on the second day was quite a challenge, because all the designers that showcased on the second day were all my favourites from the last season of MBFWRussia! But I must admit – the presentation of JKim and Cap America held after a quick tour around the Red Square and TSUM department store was quite a pleasant surprise.


J.Kim’s FW15 collection was inspired by her own native Korean culture, and this season she looked deeply into the traditional Korean dance. Having a Korean background myself, I instantly recognised the Korean motifs in her design, which I thought was nicely interpreted with a contemporary vision. Currently living in Seoul and having worked as a fashion art director here,  it is quite a rare scene to see a designer or a brand valuing the traditional beauty/assets of Korean culture. So seeing a collection influenced by the transitional culture of Korea was quite fresh and  certainly something that I didn’t expect to see it during Fashion week in Russia!


Another favourites from the day two is –  hands down Alena Akhumadulina and Viva Vox. Akhumadulina’s collection was very whimsical and the sweater with squirrels really stood out for me. When it got to illustrate Akhumadullina’s collection, I couldn’t help but think how wonderful if Tim Walker shot a campaign or an editorial featuring Akhumadullina’s FW15/16 looks. Then Viva Vox! A beautiful collection with glittery make up and patterns throughout the collection. Shine bright like a diamond was a song stuck in my head as I watched the girls march away!


So here they are. My top picks of MBFWRussia day 2! Alena Akhmadulina, Laroom, Viva Vox, Yulia Prokhorova and JKim!









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Russia diary part 1 – #mbfwRussia

It’s been nearly two weeks since I had my taste of Russia, and now that I’m back in Seoul,  I finally had some time to go through my iPhone to show you the best of my Russia trip! (Mind you this post only covers day 1! ) If you have been following me on Instagram, I spent good two weeks in Moscow and in St Petersburg with my Susu girls of course, to attend MBFWRussia and St Petersburg Fashion week.


This is the second season I’m flown into Moscow, as a fashion illustrator to illustrate the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 shows (Big thank you goes out to everyone at MBFWRussia, Alexander Shumsky and Craig of Models off duty for making this happen! ) – and boy it is good to be back!


This season was filled with great shows and a tour of Moscow organised by the wonderful MBFWRussia Team. I didn’t even need my Moscow Louis Vuitton tour guide to be honest! We had a guided tour of State Historical Museum in Red Square (Look at that amazing ceiling with painting of all the rulers!) followed by the dramatic collection by BEssARION,  The theatrical spotlight and the hair that almost covered the entire face of each and every model really executed the dark allure to a higher level. The atmosphere of the show became the main keystone i wanted to capture my girls in.


Now please sit back and enjoy my photo documentation of Russia diary, through the eyes of my beloved Susu girls!

And if you please excuse moi, I will now go through my iPhone to select the best of day 2!





 All Photos by me